Ants leave footprints, too.

I want to do small things, take the baby steps. I know.. I know. Weird. Not my typical “Go Getter Goal-Getter” attitude. I think 95% of the time, I am hyper-focused on the NEXT big thing, the next adventure, the next step, the next grow up/glow up. And it’s not that that side of meContinue reading “Ants leave footprints, too.”

Sunny Daze.. FOREVER

I’m back! Not by popular demand.. or really any demand.. but I’m back. To be honest, Sunny Daze was set to expire. The WordPress gods were prepared to snatch my domain name back and offer it to some other floundering 20-something, semi-adult, who tries to see the brighter side of it all. To be fair,Continue reading “Sunny Daze.. FOREVER”

The Elephant Butt

There was an elephant butthole on my kitchen wall. Smack in the center of the kitchen, a real eye catcher. But let me back up real quick.. You will never meet anyone that has worse luck than Matt and I when it comes to home projects. I thought it was just Matt, but he seemsContinue reading “The Elephant Butt”

Real sentences.

I have been trying to figure out how to best sum up the last few weeks, because it’s been pretty wild. I went to Scottsdale for my bachelorette with SEVENTEEN girls and finally got my wedding dress! 🤗 We are getting there guys, and what better way to describe the last few weeks, than toContinue reading “Real sentences.”

The intricacies and the oddities ðŸ§

Hi frannnnsss! Recently, my blog has started to gain some traction! I’m gaining new followers on WordPress and Facebook on the daily lately (and while it is awesome), I have to admit, I have no idea what changed. Like most of my technological exploits, unless the answer is to turn it off and then turnContinue reading “The intricacies and the oddities ðŸ§”

If I could have told you so..

Hi, hi, HI THERE! Long time, no write. I’m stumbling, humbly, back into your feeds with my infinite words of wisdom… or possibly just random thoughts. I guess it’s up to you- take from it what you will or take away absolutely nothing at all. No pressure either way. I’ve missed writing, but I haveContinue reading “If I could have told you so..”

2022 UNunrecommendations

WordPress reminded me today that it’s been exactly one year since I started Sunny Daze🌞. What a journey! I love having this space to say what’s on my mind and I really, really love being surrounded (metaphysically) by fellow writers, poets, creators. WordPress is a good place to be.. me. I’m accepted for who IContinue reading “2022 UNunrecommendations”